The year is 211 A.D.(After Darkness), and the land of Novaria is in constant state of change and utter chaos. Beasts and creatures ravage the land and its people. The once thriving civilization has long since fallen, and a time of utter death and decay has beset the landscape. Once thriving cities are now meager hovels and husks of their once glorious days, and government has seized control so tight upon its people, they struggle simply to survive.

Novaria was not always like this. It was once a prosperous, and beautiful place. Filled with wondrous lands, amazing people and a government that protected its citizens. This time has been come to be known as the days of Light. A period when the future looked so brilliant, that the people became weak. The continually growing knowledge of magics is what fueled these times forward. Scholars researched and delved, deeper and deeper into the vast knowledge of the arcane. Priests communed with the light itself daily, and it gladly gave over its power to protect the people that so dearly worshiped it.

It all ended one day, the day of reckoning. The peoples connection with the light was severed, and the arcane, simply vanished. Civilization suddenly became turned on his head, and spiraled downwards into a great chaos. The magics of which everyone had so come to rely upon, no longer protected them and held the evils of the world at bay. And once again, like told is so many fairy tails, the creatures of the night, crept out into the day, to seize this moment of weakness.

It has been over two hundred years since the day of reckoning, and the people of the land have become scarce once again as they where so so long ago. The elves have long since returned to their protected homes in the trees of the eternal woods, once again reclusive and suspicious of all those who approached. The Dwarves returned to their mines, seeking comfort in the natural darkness of the earth from which they where born. Halflings and gnomes, are now so scattered, they are spoken of, almost as if they too never existed, hiding throughout the land in marshes and hillsides, too afraid to come out into the light of day, for fear of the Mouguai, a more intelligent form of orc, that has developed a taste for their rare and elusive flesh. And the humans cling to their once glorious days, in hopes that the light that has so long forsaken them, will forgive them for their misdeeds and return to beat back the darkness, in which they now live.

Perhaps that day has come, as upon these moments, a select few have been selected by fate, to perhaps bring back the glory of the days of light. The arcane and divine magics that the world once so depended upon have been granted to five individuals. In a world where magic has ceased to exist, they may be the single last string of hope, for a people, where “Darkness Resides.”

Darkness Resides